About Us


Lone Star Tank Rental, started in 2000 in Kermit, Texas, leases portable liquid storage tank containers and containment products, as well as provide certain fluid management services, to the Oil & Gas industry in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins of Texas.

A market leader in frac tank rental and related services, Lone Star believes it builds its success on four principles: long standing customer base and strategic relationships, strategically located facilities and optimized equipment inventory, commitment to customer service, and an experienced management team and highly trained employees.

Lone Star provides a broad range of products designed to meet the needs of its Exploration & Production customers. Products offered include various types of liquid storage tanks, containment systems, and related products/services, including various ancillary products and transportation.

Lone Star oversees two offices in South and West Texas. These locations allow for Lone Star to be near its customers’ drillings sites. Customers benefit from greater product availability, timely service and lower transportation costs. Lone Star benefits from being able to be the preferred local supplier and can be nimble enough to provide excellent service, responding whenever the customers need assistance.

Locations are managed by a general manager working closely with the organization’s DOT Compliance & Safety Officer. At each site is a superintendent that oversees the operations and yard foremen, who are responsible for the drivers and mechanics.

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